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Calabogie Peaks CADS-NCD

Kemptville ONT K0G 1J0

Debra Blimkie Calabogie Team Lead & Brd rep 

Raymond Blimkie Calabogie Membership Sec.

Sommet Edelweiss CADS-NCD

Ottawa ONT K1N 8N8

Jeff Boucher Edelweiss Team Lead & on Board

Catherine Presseau Edelweiss Membership & Events

Mont Cascades CADS-NCD

Chelsea ONT J9B 1P4

Theresa Arsenault Cascades Team Lead

Victoria Mierins Mt Cacades events & Brd Rep. 

Mount Pakenham CADS-NCD

Carleton Place ONT K7C 3P2 

Miranda Newton Mt Pakenham Team Lead

David Hoffman Pakenham  Membership

Ski Hawks Ottawa CADS-NCD

Ottawa ONT K1V 2J7

Kim Leahy Ski Hawks President

at Camp Fortune Ski Hawks Ottawa

Chelsea QC J9B 1S7

Paul Johannsen Ski Hawks CADS-NCD Brd  Rep

Winter Sports Clinic CADS-NCD

Jasper ONT K0G 1G0

Dale Cross WSC Team Lead & CADS-NCD Board Rep 

at Calabogie Peaks WSC Calabogie Peaks

Kemptville ONT K0G 1J0

Debra Blimkie 2 i/c WSC Team Lead

Technical Committee CADS-NCD

Carp ONT K0A 1L0

Al McLarty Chair & Brd Rep - CADS-NCD TC

all CADS-NCD Programs

Ottawa ONT K1N 8N8

JeffBoucher 2 i/c CADS-NCD TC 

Black Diamond & Para Race CADS-NCD.

Kemptville ONT K0G 1J0

Debra Blimkie

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